Travelling Around the World and Back Again – A List of Places to Revisit

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I’m one of the fortunate ones. I have just been around the planet and keeping in mind that I didn’t exactly oversee it in 80 days like Phileas Fogg, I figured out how to go through five months with my adored hubby visiting lovely nations, meeting new companions, attempting new nourishments, and inspecting a lot of new wines, so all things considered it was a serious excursion! 

Going around the globe has never been simpler than it is today. A RTW flight ticket can cost as meager as £900, and relying upon the degree of convenience you pick, you can advance around the planet for short of what you may think. We, then again, blew our spending plan totally, however the recollections of that multi month trip sitting idle and everything, is worth more than any measure of “printed paper” as my other half calls dinero, and I wouldn’t spare a moment in gathering my sack and doing it all again tomorrow. Visit :- ท่องเที่ยวทั่วโลก

Our round the world flight ticket incorporated the accompanying flights: London – Hong Kong – Macau – Bangkok – Singapore – Perth – Sydney – Christchurch – Auckland – Fiji – Los Angles – London, and separated from the odd boat ride or short flight, we traversed Thailand and Malaysia over land. 

Thailand has its highs and lows (like most nations) and keeping in mind that I conceivably wouldn’t surge back to Bangkok, Phuket or Koi Samui, I would positively very much want to return to the captivating town of Chiang Mai in the north. 

We appeared to eat our way through Malaysia! Tasty food everywhere, joined with cordial local people and sweltering climate, made this one of our #1 Asian objections. Penang, the Cameron Highlands and Kuala Lumpur are on the whole on the ‘return to’ list. 

Singapore will be Singapore, and as one of the cleanest, most secure, most amicable nations in Asia, I can see myself returning one day… Plantation road is as yet calling! 

Our next objective – Australia, took us to the glorious west bank of Perth and the Coral Coast. We went through weeks finding new sea shores, visiting grape plantations and tallying Kangaroos – prior to taking off to find the remainder of the country. Visiting places like Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, and the Whitsunday’s en route, our seven-week stay in Australia was amazingly costly, however so extremely justified, despite all the trouble, and in the event that I actually win the lottery – I will be back! 

New Zealand is an exceptionally unique spot and the moment we arrived in Christchurch we felt comfortable. Consolidating excellent landscape with incredible individuals, and heavenly fish with sublime wines, New Zealand has everything, and truly, it is now on the return to list. 

Next stop – Fiji! As I have written in past websites, I never envisioned I would will visit the Fiji Islands, yet visit them we did – and they are more lovely that you might envision. Awakening to the hints of delicate waves, strolling along the white sandy sea shores, and swimming with reef sharks… I can hardly wait to return! 

Flying over the Pacific Ocean is a weird encounter. With the changing time regions, you really show up before you have taken off! From Fiji we went to Los Angeles in past US of A, and following several days in Cali, we bounced on a voyage transport. 

Following seven days cruising along the Mexican Riviera, we took off to Las Vegas for our last seven day stretch of frenzy before get back constantly to the real world. We make very nearly a yearly journey to Vegas, so that is certainly on the return to list (gracious truly, as is Mexico!).

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