Barely 21, a child in reality, I had just positioned a foolishly huge Blackjack 

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bet at a Lake Tahoe on line casino.

The lonely column of chips inside the front of me represented my internet worth.

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The dealer fanned the gambling playing cards across the table.

Oh, no, he drew an ace as his up card!

I felt flush within the face, embarrassed I had stuck it out at that desk for so many dropping palms in a row.

Expecting the worst, I looked at my cards.

I held  Jacks, which in most occasions might at least supply me a draw, if not an outright win.

He peered at his down card.

“Insurance?” he requested, staring at at each participant in turn.

I become at third base, the last seat, so it took some time to acquire me.

I had been taught insurance is a sucker’s wager. You ante up greater cash on a awful hand not well well worth protective and the issuer nevertheless beats you, without or with hitting 21.

But this time, instead of reflexively declining the “insurance” and the additional top charge I should have needed to pay for it, I looked at him and starkly requested:

“What do you suggest?”

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