After quite a few studies, I start that article, however I

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come to recognize that it is an countless topic which has no end. Because every girl has her very own psyche and all girls are special. Even so, I tried my best to complete it in a concise way.

First we begin from the things which can be not unusual in most of the girls.

1. Girls are not a completely deep philosopher, they are observant. A clever guy can make them consider of whatever by means of telling lies. Visit :- ข่าวบันเทิง

2. Girls like those who appreciate lady’s opinion.

3. Girls speak too much and they forget about the person who is not an amazing listener or interrupt them in conversion.

4. They want to listen to easy compliments concerning to their get dressed, hair, beauty, and so forth.

5. They like true men; they do not like that someone fake its life.

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